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  • Siemens NOZZLE Magazine complete 03016831
Siemens NOZZLE Magazine complete 03016831

Siemens NOZZLE Magazine complete 03016831

  • Siemens NOZZLE Magazine complete 03016831
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  • Siemens Spare Parts
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  • Product description: Siemens NOZZLE Magazine complete 03016831

Siemens NOZZLE Magazine complete 03016831


Brand Name SIEMENS NOZZLE Magazine complete 03016831
Part Number SIEMENS 03016831
Model Nozzle 7xx 9xx
Usage for Machine SIEMENS ASM
Guarantee 2 months
Delivery Methods Ocean/ Air Transport
SIEMENS 00119032
SIEMENS CAMERA 00315224-06
SIEMENS NOZZLE 418 00322544-03
SIEMENS NOZZLE 904 00322602-05
SIEMENS NOZZLE 918 00321864-07
SIEMENS NOZZLE 921 00325970-04
00313993-07 NOZZLE TYPE 618 VECTRA C130
00314026-01 BEARING
00314008-01 EPROM SET M10000 ISIO SW 002.006
00314025-01 ROTARY AXLE
03039272-01 (E) sensor, barreira receptor D2
03039286-01 (E) sensor, barreira de luz D2
03039283-02 (E) sensor, barreira transmissor D2
00200525-0 (E) batente elastômetro SIPLACE
00308626S02 (E) cabo p/alimentador 2x8mm SIPLACE; FEEDERS
00329739-01 (E) correia sincr. 10T2,5/245 SIPLACE
00322125S01 (E) suporte p/mola SIPLACE
0037929- (E) atuador pneum. flason.com 0,7MPa SIPLACE
00318551S03 (E) mangueira pneum. 4mm, plana F4; S20; S25; S27; HS; D
00327657-02 (E) sensor c/suporte SIPLACE
00319223-03 (E) caixa de rejeito (EGB) F4; S20; S25; S27
00306432S01 (E) sensor sn1,5/d4,5mm F4
00316756S02 (E) transportador de cabo p/80F F4
00335990S04 (E) leitor de dp HS50
00346401-S01 (E) retrofit fonte F4; S20
03050484-01 (E) bumber a gás 370N D1; D2
59115;W788;6XV1850;6GK5791 (E) ponto acesso (cartão+cabo+fonte+acess) SIPLACE
00321736S03 (E) pci, amplificadora do servo F4; S20
00310746-01 (E) válvula 3/2, sol. 24vdc F4; S20
00335670-01 (E) spindle de elevação D3
00336689-01 (E) pci, axis F4; S20; S23; S27
00303551S01 (E) anel de reparo PK3 F4
00318002S01 (E) trocador de bocal ic-head F4
00304041S02 (E) bloco de conexão para vácuo F4
00304053S01 (E) anel de vedação, v-ring 4*2*3,7nbr F4
00337450S03 (E) câmera p/flip-chip, C-14 S27; HS60
POLYCORD (E) correia cilindrica polycord UV; SCS
00334153S04 (E) motor vac/3F S25; S27
00351994-03 (E) polia, correia axis x S27
00351500-03 embolo p/válvula SP6 F4; S20; S25; S27; D1-3; HS
00344204-04 (E) pci, servo-axis x D1-2; S27; HS; WPC5-6
00331582-01 (E) base stopper completo HS50
AA8DX00 bocal 0,7mm NXTII
AA8LW00 (E) bocal 1,8mm NXTII
00344275-01; 03071928-01 (E) bocal especial 7xx 1,7x1,7 F4; S20; S25; S27; D1-3; HS
AA20C00 (E) bocal 2,5mm NXTII
03078757-01 (E) bocal especial 20XX Like 918 D4 DI1.5 SX


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