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  • JUKI RX-7R Amplifier Servo Driver MR-J4W2-22B-MK019 EZ149214511
JUKI RX-7R Amplifier Servo Driver MR-J4W2-22B-MK019 EZ149214511

JUKI RX-7R Amplifier Servo Driver MR-J4W2-22B-MK019 EZ149214511

  • JUKI RX-7R Amplifier Servo Driver MR-J4W2-22B-MK019 EZ149214511
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  • JUKI Spare Parts
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  • Product description: JUKI RX-7R Amplifier Servo Driver MR-J4W2-22B-MK019 EZ149214511

JUKI RX-7R Amplifier Servo Driver MR-J4W2-22B-MK019 EZ149214511


JUKI RX-7R Spare part List:

37 EZ4-455-294-01 COLLAR, Z STOPPER Z
38 EZ4-455-668-01 FAN, BRACKET FAN
39 EZ4-455-670-02 FAN, DUCT FAN
40 EZ4-461-729-01 COLLAR (FWSSB-D17-V14-T5)
41 EZ4-461-775-11 COVER (RZ, R), GREASE
42 EZ4-461-776-11 COVER (RZ, L), GREASE
43 EZ4-463-629-01 NUT (Z), BEARING
44 EZ4-466-199-11 ARM , CABLE GUIDE (R)
45 EZ4-467-281-11 BALL SCREW NUT HOLDER (X, R)
46 EZ4-467-284-01 BEARING HOLDER (X, S)
47 EZ4-467-686-01 GREASE COVER (X, BT)
48 EZ4-467-695-01 COLLAR (X), STOPPER
49 EZ4-468-933-01 SCREW (SDA1520), BAL
50 EZ4-700-061-01 BEARING (6000ZZ)
51 EZ4-705-584-11 SPACER (SQ-10)
52 EZ4-706-151-11 CLAMP (KR5G5)
53 EZ4-761-803-11 NUT, FINE U (TREATMENT HAVE)
54 EZ7-623-208-22 SW 3,TYPE 2 SW 3,TYPE 2 2
55 EZ7-623-210-22 SW 4,TYPE 2 SW 4,TYPE 2 8
56 EZ7-624-198-21 STOP RING 10, TYPE C C
57 EZ7-682-160-01 SCREW +P 4X6 +P 4X6 1
58 EZ7-682-954-01 SCREW +PSW 3X25 +PSW 3X25 4
59 EZ7-683-403-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 3X6 6
60 EZ7-683-404-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 3X8 6
61 EZ7-683-406-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 3X12 6
62 EZ7-683-411-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 3X25 6
63 EZ7-683-419-04 BOLT HEXAGON SOCKET 4X8 6
64 EZ7-683-420-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 4X10 6
65 EZ7-683-421-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 4X12 6
66 EZ7-683-423-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 4X16 6
67 EZ7-683-427-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 4X25 6
68 EZ7-683-436-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 5X12 6
69 EZ7-683-437-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 5X14 6
70 EZ7-683-440-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 5X20 6
71 EZ7-683-442-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 5X25 6
72 EZ7-683-444-04 BOLT,HEXAGON SOCKET 5X30 6
73 EZ7-688-004-11 W 4, MIDDLE W 4, MIDDLE 4
74 EZ7-688-005-11 W 5, MIDDLE W 5, MIDDLE 10
75 EZ4-455-213-11 PULLEY COVER X AXIS (R)
76 EZ4-471-955-11 CABLE CLAMP UPPER (RZ-L)
77 EZ4-471-954-11 CABLE CLAMP UPPER (RZ-R)
78 EZ4-455-282-01 CLAMP S Z, CABLE
79 EZ4-455-281-01 CLAMP L Z, CABLE
80 EZ4-471-956-11 CABLE CLAMP BRACKET (RZ)
81 EZ4-455-280-11 PLATE Z, SENSOR (R)
82 EZ1-492-214-11 SENSOR, LASER (ZX2-LD50 0.5M)
83 EZ4-453-818-01 BOLT (CBSTSR3-5)
84 EZ7-683-402-04 BOLT,HEXA


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