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  • SAKI 2D AOI BF-Tristar II


  • Resolution 10μm
  • Board size:250×330mm
  • Dimension:​850 × 1295 × 1130mm
  • weight:500kg
  • Product description: SAKI 2D AOI BF-Tristar II High-speed selective solder inspection and simultaneous two-sided inspection, Resolution 10μm, Board size:250×330mm, Dimension:​850 × 1295 × 1130mm, weight:500kg


Products description

For high-speed selective solder inspection or simultaneous top/bottom PCB inspection, the model BF-Tristar II is the best solution. What used to take two separate production processes can now be done in one simple process. It can inspect top-side SMT and bottom-side reflow or through-hole components on both sides in one pass, including inspection for stray parts. By scanning the top side first on an outward route and then back side on a return route, it can reduce light reflection from the opposite sample side to assure stable inspection results. The compact machine can even be easily installed into a cell production line. Optional ultraviolet lighting for conformal coating inspection is also available on the BF-Tristar II.

In-line/Off-line Simultaneous Double-sided AOI
Suitable for the final inspection such as automatic detection of any dropped or scattered object during SMT process, solder inspection for large components attached after selective soldering
Double-side inspection scheme has made what used to be handled by 2 separate production processes into one simple process. The compact machine can be easily installed even into cell production line.
By scanning top side first on an outward route and then back side on a return route, it can reduce reflection of light from the opposite sample side to assure stable inspection results.
In the same way as our other 2D-AOI machines, BF-10BT provides 10um high resolution inspection by telecentric lens optical system by combining various algorithms and lighting types in simple construction with one axis operation. Multiple data handling capability are provided such as programming data change by barcode reading and data output to customers’ data servers.

Simultaneous Inspection for Both Sides of a PCB
BF-Tristar II is the automated optical inspection system for inspecting both sides of double-sided PCB at once. It is equipped with two cameras for scanning each side of a PCB and has the Saki’s unique alternate scanning system. It also has 30 mm clearance at the both sides of a PCB. BF-Tristar II is suitable for inspections on the final process after the component assembly.
Reducing the Inspection Process
BF-Tristar II can inspect both sides of a PCB in one scanning. With this feature, it only needs the one machine while others need two for inspecting double-sided PCBs and enables space-saving.
Suitable for Inspections on the Final Process
BF-Tristar II can easily inspect defections on a top side of a PCB even after the SMT process of a bottom side. BF-Tristar II is suitable for inspections on the final process.
High Resolution Imaging System
With 10 μm resolution, BF-Tristar II provides accurate and stable inspection of 01005 (0402) chips. Newly developed color capturing system takes only 8 seconds to scan M-size boards [250 mm × 330 mm].
Advantage of Line Scan Visual Inspection
Extra components on a PCB can be detected only by  setting  up one inspection window on the whole board. It is realized by the advantage of line scan method.
Coaxial Overhead Light
Soldering condition is inspected by illuminant irradiation of coaxial overhead lighting. Inspection is not affected by shadowing by neighboring tall components, therefore same library is available  at any location on the board.
New Interface
Renewed user interface makes it easier to set up inspection data by using pre-installed Saki standard library. The optional new function KPK, that detects difference between a surface of a PCB and component, simplifies to detect missing components. This realizes time reduction for inspection data making at launching production.
Real-time Defection Management and Analysis
With the real-time SPC display function, BF-Tristar II provides the real-time production management with more efficient productivity and quality. It also provides solutions for problems in defection managements, analysis, and manufacturing processes in combination with extensive optional systems (BF-Editor/BF-RP1/BF- View/BF-Monitor).





Board Size

50×60 - 250×330mm, 2×2.4 - 10×13in

Board Thickness

0.6 - 3.2mm, 24 - 126mils

Board Warp

+/-2mm, 79mils

PCB Clearance

Top: 30mm, 1.18in. Bottom: 30mm, 1.18in

Rotated  Component Support

Available for 0 - 359°rotation (unit of 1°)

Inspection Categories

Presence/Absence, Misalignment, Tombstone, Reverse, Polarity, Bridge, Foreign material, Absence of solder, Insufficient solder, Lifted lead, Lifted Chip, and Filletdefect. Each defect name can be changed freely bysystem function.

Tact Time*1 *2

Approx. 21sec. (250x330mm)

Image Scanning Time*1

Approx. 8sec. (250x330mm)

Camera (Image Processing)

Line color CCD camera


LED lighting system

Transfer Conveyor Method

Flat belt  transfer

Transfer Conveyor Height

900+/-20mm, 36+/-0.8in

Transfer Conveyor Width Adjustment


Operating System

Windows XP English Version

Optional System

BF-Editor / BF-RP1 / BF-Monitor / BF-View


2D Barcode Recognition, Journal Printer, Automatic Transfer Conveyor Width Adjustment

Electric Power Requirement

Single Phase 100 - 120V / 200 - 240V +/-10%, 50/60Hz, 900VA

Air Requirement

0.5MPa, 5L/min (ANR), 73PSI, 0.18CFM

Usage Environment

15°C(59F) - 30°C(86F) / 15 - 80% RH


Noise Level


Dimensions W x D x H

850 × 1295 × 1130mm, 33.5 × 51 × 45.5in


Approx. 500kg, 1102lbs

*1 If PCB size is smaller than 250x330mm, Image scannig time will be shorter than this values.

*2 Including Image Scanning Time.


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